5 Reasons you should start selling videos

I make at least half of my money from selling videos. When you start working as a camgirl you probably think you can only make money while your webcam is on. But there are many other ways you can earn money as a camgirl. Only a third of my income actually comes from camshows. The rest of the time I make money on OnlyFans and similar websites. This article will tell you why you should too.

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#1 Make money by selling videos, it’s amazing passive income:

Making money from selling videos and pictures is the perfect passive income. You only have to record a video and take your selfies once and it’s ready to be sold over and over again. I still make money on videos that I recorded in 2016. All my videos and pictures are just sitting on my profiles waiting for someone to buy them. Even if I would completely quit working as a camgirl I’d still make a fulltime income on my video sales every month.


#2 You’ll work less but earn more:

By selling videos my monthly income almost doubled. So I’m earning more money without working more. Yes, you have to record videos, edit them and upload them. But if you drop 1 or 2 days of camming and spend them on recording and editting content you’re not working more hours.

Or even better… start by recording your camshows. And then edit them so you can sell them and make money on OnlyFans and other content sites. That way you already have some content up for sale before you start recording regular videos.

However, please be realistic. When you just get started selling videos don’t expect to earn big money the first few weeks. It takes a little time to grow and build your content income.

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#3 Selling videos takes the pressure of camming

When you’re working as a camgirl you know that no day is the same. Some days you make $400 in less than 3 hours. And the next day you could make only $150. When I was only making money as a camgirl I would feel incredibly guilty if I wanted a day off, if I didn’t meet my daily goal or if I had to take a sick day. But if you’ve also got a monthly income from selling videos taking a day off is not a big deal.


#4 It’s a financial safety net

I love being a cammodel. I love my job and I love the freedom it gives me. But what happens if you break some bones, get ill, need to take care of family members or just want to go on holiday for a few weeks? Or even if your main camsite is quiet or has technical issues. You wouldn’t have any income. That’s why I make money on OnlyFans, ManyVids and other content websites.

And that’s the trick to making money by selling videos. You’ve already got the content. Don’t just stick to one website. Make money on OnlyFans, but please don’t forget to upload your videos to all the other great content websites. You’ll make so much more money if you do. Once the content has been uploaded customers can buy it. The money comes in every month, you don’t even have to be online for it.

If you’re not sure what sites to get started on, here are the best websites for selling videos and pictures.

#5 Make money from selling videos and your camshow income will grow

You might think your customers only know about your video sales through you. But it also works the other way around. My camgirl Twitter following has really gone up since I started selling videos. And once they follow you on Twitter you can also promote your camshows, skypeshows or whatever you want to your new followers. And you’ll not only grow your income by selling videos and pictures you’ll also grow your camshow earnings.

If you’re like me and you want to give your income a massive boost then making money on OnlyFans and similair websites is definitely the way to go. What’s your favourite website for selling videos?