6 Things to do when it’s quiet on cam

There is nothing worse than being hours into your camshift and not getting anywhere near your daily goal because it’s just too quiet on cam. Or the customers that do come in they’re just freealoders or cheapskates. But don’t worry. Here are 6 things you can do to boost your traffic and earnings.

1: Try new camsites

If you rely on 1 or 2 websites for your earnings then you can expect things to quiet every now and then. Regular customers come and go. And if you’re basically part of the furniture on a camsite then customers might not even notice your profile anymore.

But by joining a new website when things are quiet you suddenly become the new and interesting new member again. It’s an easy way to boost your traffic and earnings. And you can always return to your regular website. Or maybe split your shifts between multiple websites.

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2: Start making money by selling videos

Selling content is always an excellent idea. Even when it isn’t quiet. That’s because selling videos, pictures and subscriptions is passive income. You only have to create your content once and it will sell it over and over again. On multiple websites.

So if your camsite seems absolutely dead, you’ll still have your video income coming in every month.

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3: Try camming on different days and different times

As mentioned before if you’re almost part of the furniture on a camsite customers might overlook you. You can stop this by working on different days and times. If you always work Monday – Friday during the day try working Wednesday to Sunday at night. And you’ll notice a lot of “new” customers will suddenly be able to find you.


4: Promote yourself on Twitter

If you don’t have a Twitter work account yet then it’s time to make one. This is how your customers can stay “in touch” with you. And this is where you can let them know when you’ll be online and where. Or if you’re trying out a new website. Or maybe even a little bonus if they come join you on a specific website.

And how are they supposed to buy your new videos if they don’t know about them? Twitter is the place to keep them updated.

Follow all the sites you work on and @ them when you’re online. Or after you’ve uploaded new content. Some websites have an integrated Twitter feature. So it autotweets when you’re online or uploaded new content.

And don’t forget to follow Camgirlweekly on Twitter for camgirl tips and humour.


5: Nudge the guys in your inbox / DM

Check your inbox / messages on your camsite(s). Now send a message to everyone who’s ever spent money on you. Something short and simple. I usually send something like “I still think about our chat and it makes me wet every single time”. Or if I can remember something specific we talked about. That usually does the trick. They’ll definitely reply and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them back in a paid show.

What do you do when it’s quiet? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Aimee-Lee

    this is just want I needed
    It went super dead on Streamate for me lately so i started researching new camming sites and found your blog
    im camming on a few new sites now and I’m making what I want to make again every day
    will also take your tips about selling videos but havent had the time yet