Adultwork Review

My experience with Adultwork

Adultwork is a British webcam and escorting website. My first years as camgirl I was exclusively working on Adultwork. It’s now 10 years later and I think it’s fair to say I’ve got so much experience with Adultwork I know the website inside out. Are you considering working on Adultwork? This Adultwork review is all you’ll ever need to know about working on Adultwork.

Disclaimer: This is my Adultwork review. My opinions are based on my 10 years experience with Adultwork. Your Adultwork experience might be different.

How to get started on Adultwork

If you want to work on Adultwork all you have to do is fill in the registration page. You’ll then receive an email verification.

Once your email is verified you need to fill in your profile information. After that you’re required to upload the necessary documents (picture of your ID and a verification picture). Make sure to read the guidelines for these pictures or they’ll ask you to re-do them. After uploading these pictures your profile will be approved within a few hours and you can start making money on Adultwork.


How do you make money on Adultwork

There are lots of different features you can use to earn money on Adultwork. All features (except escorting) will pay you in Adultwork credits. 1 credit is worth £0,70.

  • Adultwork Camshows:
    You can disable free chat. It’s optional. Disabling free chat on Adultwork does not effect your earnings. From my experience it’s only timewasters and freeloaders in free chat. And the ones in free chat that do end up buying a show only spend pennies.
  • Adultwork Phone chat
  • Adultwork Direct IM (text chat only)
  • Selling pictures and videos on Adultwork
  • Adultwork SMS texting
  • Escorting on Adultwork


Adultwork fees

When you’re making money on Adultwork you get paid in credits. After every sale, chat or phonecall you can see how many credits you’ve got in your account.

The Adultwork Administration fee is 30%.

If you make money on Adultwork by doing camshows then you’re using JCI (JustCamIt). This is software used but not owned by Adultwork. So you’re automatically charged with a 5% fee for using the camming software.

That means you keep 65% if you’re doing camshows.
And 70% for everything else.


Adultwork payment methods

Getting paid on Adultwork is a little tricky. In order to get paid from Adultwork you’ll need to request a payment. You can only request a payment for Adultwork credits that have been sitting in your account for at least 24 hours. Once requested you’ll receive your earnings 3 weeks later.
The minimum payout is 150 credits.

You can receive your Adultwork earnings through the following payment methods:

UK Bank transfer
Sepa bank transfer
Cash in a UK post office

Alternatively you can join a daily pay service on Adultwork. So you’ll never have to wait for your Adultwork earnings again. There’s quite a few that offer daily pay on Adultwork. I’m with ClubDailyPay. I personally think they’re the most reliable and by far the fastest (my Adultwork earnings in my bank before 9 am every single day).


What I love about working on Adultwork:

1) High payout percentage:
Adultwork pays you 70% of your earnings. Absolutely brilliant.

2) High rates:
When you work as a camgirl on Adultwork you get to charge high rates. Customers don’t mind paying Adultwork camgirls an average of £2.99 per minute for a private chat.

3) Polite customers:
It’s a British website. Almost every customer is nice and polite. And compared to other camsites there’s not a lot of haggling.

4) Free chat is optionable!
The absolute number 1 thing I love about working as a camgirl on Adultwork! Free chat is optionable. I never have my free chat on. And guess what? It doesn’t effect my profile placement and it doesn’t effect my income. So why bother with free chat?

5) Perfect for fetish cammodels
Adultwork has a massive fetish fanbase. If you’re a Domme or fetish cammodel then this is the place for you.

6) Brilliant Live helpdesk
During weekdays from 9 tot 5 you can chat with the helpdesk. Whatever issue you have, they can problably solve it within a minute.

What I dislike about working on Adultwork:

1) Adultwork featuring:
If you’re not a cammodel on Adultwork you might not know this. But on Adultwork you can pay for extra profile featuring. Sounds like a good idea? Nope. Because now everyone is spending their hard earned Adultwork money on featuring. Why? Because if you don’t you’ll be on the bottom of the page. And as a result of that so many people are now featuring it’s becoming more and more expensive. So we’re now paying ridiculous rates to be somewhere in the middle on page 2… This is my only negative experience with Adultwork.

2) Adultwork traffic:
Adultwork is the British number 1 erotic website. But for the last 10 years Adultwork hasn’t really advertised to get new traffic or customers. That means most of the year it’s nice and busy. My experience with Adultwork is that some months can also be painfully slow. This is why you should always have a few back up camsites.

3) Working on Adultwork is not for everyone:
As a British cammodel this doesn’t apply to me. But I have to include this is my Adultwork review. It’s a British platform. If you are not located in the United Kingdom or don’t have a British nationality you’ll struggle making money on Adultwork. It seems like the customers only want to spend their money on British webcammodels and/or girls that are actually in the UK.

**If you’re located in the United States you’re not allowed to create a profile on Adultwork.

Would I recommend working on Adultwork?

Yes. The payout percentage is great. Hardly any cheapskates. If I don’t feel like camming I could always make money doing phone sex or directIM. I also find that picture and videos sales do allright on Adultwork. The Adultwork daily pay is great. Overall I’m very happy and I hope to work on Adultwork for a lot more years to come.

If there are any other camsites you’d like me to review please let me know in the comments.