How to make more money on AdmireMe?

AdmireMe is one of my favourite websites for selling videos. No matter if you’re just getting started or if you already have an account doing well on AdmireMe. There are lots of ways to make more money on AdmireMe. This article will tell you how to use them to grow your income.

How to make money on Admireme?

If you are new to AdmireMe or if you’re thinking about making money on AdmireMe then this applies to you. When you join you won’t have any subscribers yet. But don’t worry! AdmireMe will help you.

All you have to do is join AdmireMe as a content seller.

Once your account is verified start creating (or uploading if you’ve already got content) at least 50 pieces of content. This can be pictures and/or videos.

Now you’ll be added to the Fresh List on AdmireMe and your profile will be promoted to lots of potential subsribers. This traffic booster only last for your first 30 active days. So make the most of it.

Not a new member? No problem, this article has plenty more income boosters for AdmireMe.


Use hashtags to get more customers on AdmireMe

Now, if you want your profile and content to be found use the right hashtags. There are 2 different hashtags on AdmireMe:

Profile hashtags:
These are used to find people that suit a customers preference. Such as #blonde, #bbw etc.

Content hashtags:
These are used to find pictures or videos that someone is looking for. Such as #toys, #anal, #blowjob etc.

Please don’t be afraid to use multiple hashtags. Use any hashtag that applies. This will help your profile and your content to be found and will get you more sales and subscribers.

Use Limited offers to get new subscribers:

This is an absolutely brilliant way to get new subscribers. On your profile you can set up a limited offer.

Now, here is how gain new subscribers super quick:

Set up a limited offer and lower your subscription rate (don’t use the percentage discount).
Set it up for a limited time to a limited amount of people.

Now share your offer on Twitter (and Instagram if you’ve got a work account). Keep mentioning it’s a limited time offer for a limited amount of people. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Include a sexy picture on your Twitter post and DM AdmireMe to share your limited offer announcement on their Twitter.

And that’s how you create FOMO and make them subscribe to you.

Repeat this post later the same day and the next day. Tell your followers it’s going super fast and all the spots are almost gone. If they want a spot, subscribe now before they’re all gone.

And of course, don’t offer a discount every month. Genuinly only offer it 4 times a year or so.


Get on the AdmireMe A list

If you really want to make more money on AdmireMe then you need to get yourself on their A list. Your profile will get extra promotion and will be featured on the website. And the more guys see your profile, the more guys will subscribe. So bingo.

Here is how you get on the AdmireMe a List:

It seems like a lot of work, but you need to work smarter, not harder.

In order to get on the A list you will need 1000 pieces of content.
That includes pictures and videos.

You will need to be active 25 out of 30 days.
And you’ll need to upload something 25 out of 30 days.

That sounds intense but not with this trick:

As a content seller you’re always making new videos and pictures anyway. So once you get to 1000 content items (it’s obviously easier to reach that with lots of pictures) you just need to stay active.

Pro tip: When you make a new video, take some screenshots of that video and upload them as pictures as teaser for that new video. This will help you sell your video AND will get you to the 1000 much quicker.

So, once you get to 1000 items and want to be on the A list all you have to do is take 25 pictures. You can take them in 1 day.

Then manually upload 1 picture a day. And there is your 25 out of 30 upload and activity to be on the A List.

Of course, if you want to grow and keep subscribers you have to make diverse content. But this is how simple it can be. Don’t feel overwhelmed or overcomplicate things.

Easy ways to make more money on Admireme

Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your adult profiles. It’s the only adult friendly social media platform which makes Twitter an easy place to find new customers.

When you’re logged in to your AdmireMe account you can set up auto tweets. So your Twitters followers are constantly reminded on what they’re missing out on by not subscribing to your AdmireMe account.

Next to the auto tweets you should post a little picture teaser anytime you upload a new video. Then Tag AdmireMe on Twitter and send them a DM and ask them for a retweet.

They will retweet your tweet. This will get you more twitter followers (read: more potential customers) and more subscribers on AdmireMe!

LGBTQ Shout out account:
If you are part of the LGBTQ community and have an account on AdmireMe then you should definitely follow their LGBTQ shout out Twitter promotion account @AdmireLgbtq. This is what they use for extra promotion for their LGBTQ content sellers. And I love that they’re doing this.

If you have an instagram account for your working persona then you know nudity is not allowed. And guess what? That’s brilliant! Because if you post lingerie / bikini and suggestive pictures your (potential) customers they’ll want more. So just tell them if they want more they can subscribe to your AdmireMe profile.

Make more money onAdmireMe using the premium shop:

The premium shop on your AdmireMe is a picture and video shop. This gives customers the chance to buy a single picture(set) or video.
Now, I get it. You might think why would I bother with that? I’d rather have more subscribers.

But here’s why the premium shop is great for making more money on AdmireMe:

Make your premium shop available for everyone. You’ll be surprised how many customers won’t subscribe but will still buy individual videos or pictures. Or how many customers will first buy a one off video first to see if they want to subscribe to you. Seriously‚Ķ it really really adds up every month.

I also use my premium shop for uploading videos that don’t suit my subscription content. Which is pretty vanilla and my subscribers love that and stay because of that. But in my premium shop I’ve got some fetish videos. Customers who are into that can buy them seperately. And I don’t have to worry about losing subscribers if fetish content is not for them.

Sell panties or other items in the premium shop:

You can now sell worn panties, socks, toys or whatever item you want to sell in the AdmireMe premium shop.
Pro tip: Make a panty stuffing video. Tell them they can buy these panties in your premium shop (make sure you charge a high rate for them). Share this news on your Twitter. They’ll be sold in no time AND panty stuffing videos are always very populair. You can repeat this as often as you want with new panties.

Making money with the AdmireMe Pay per View and Paid voice messages:

I know a lot of girls don’t bother with these features. But if you put effort into pay to open messages you’ll make more money on AdmireMe.
Not just the earnings from the messages, but it’s also a great way to get guys to keep or to start spending money.

Because our customers love special attention. Give them the girlfriend experience. Treat them all as if they’re your boyfriend. Send them a teaser every now and then to make them feel like you took that picture just for them (I have a folder of pictures I only use for pay per view messages) And the messages will keep coming.

A few simple tricks:
Ask an open question in every message. Even easier to get a reply if it’s a dirty question.
Ask their name and mention their name in every voice message.

What tips have you tried to make more money on AdmireMe? Please let me know in the comments.