How to make more money on Adultwork

If you’re from the UK then you’re probably making money on Adultwork. As Adultwork is the biggest camsite in the United Kingdom. Being the biggest UK camsite also means there is a lot of camgirl competition. This article will tell you how to make more money on Adultwork.

Fix your Adultwork profile:

If you want to make money on Adultwork you need to make sure your profile is spot on. This is what makes guys decide whether or not to spend their money on you or on someone else. Make your profile text short and sweet.

There are plenty of girls that do really well on Adultwork with super long profile texts. But let’s be realistic, which horny guy is horny with his trousers around his ankles is going to read a 1500 words profile text?

He’ll try to scan for keywords of things he’s into such as roleplaying or anal etc. If he can’t find them because of the big wall of text he’ll probably think “nevermind” and goes on to the next profile.

So, good profile pictures and a short and to the point profile text will help you get more customers.


List your profile in the search function:

If you want to make money on Adultwork you need to attract as many customers as possible. Make sure your profile is listed in the search function so you don’t miss out on lots of potential clients!

Adultwork Profile picture:

If you don’t mind showing your face on your profile pictures then make sure your main profile picture is always a picture of your face. This really helps to bring customers to your profile and chat.

Adultwork enjoys list:

Fill in the “enjoys” list on your profile editting page. Tick everything you’re comfortable with either doing on cam or chatting about. This is important because customers can search profiles based on those preferences. If you’ve ticked that box then your profile shows up when customers search for it.

Adultwork interview:

Same here. Fill in ALL questions of the adultwork interview. They don’t have to be true, so who cares? This will help your profile to show up when customers search for preferences.

Adultwork camgirl username:

Pick a unique and memorable username. You don’t want to pick a name that’s similair to an other camgirl. And you want them to be able to remember it if they have to type it in the search bar. BigBoobsChelsea is much easier to remember than Chelsea_101-xxx for example.


Make more money on Adultwork:

Now, I love making money on Adultwork. But sometimes is goes quiet. That’s normal and it happens to everyone. But we all want to make money when we login. So here are 2 tricks to get more and new customers on Adultwork.

Make money on Adultwork by working different times and days:

If for example you always work on Friday and Saturday night then you probably notice it’s usually the same pool of guys coming to your chat. Those nights and times is their weekly “treat yo self time”.
So if you switch to let’s say Monday night and tuesday morning you’ll suddenly get lots of new customers. You’re “new” and will stand out to the guys usually browsing Adultwork this day and time. So lots of new customers for you.

And this is probably the best way for making money on Adultwork. Every week I try to alternate between my days and times on Adultwork to attract new customers every day.


Change your Adultwork location:

This is a sneeky little trick. But it works very well. If your camgirl profile has been located in Manchester for months all you have to do is switch to an other big city. This works best if you pick a few citys over.
Guys on Adultwork prefer chatting with local girls. So if your profile has always been showing up in the Manchester pool of customers then guys in Liverpool probably never came across your profile. So if you change your profile location you instantly get new customers.

Obviously don’t change it every week. Stick to a new location for a while and if it gets quiet change your working days and hours. Once you’ve completely drained that city dry you can move on the next.

How to get your Adultwork customers to come back:

Instead of having to attract new customers all the time, try to get your previous customers to come back. If you want to make money on Adultwork invest in getting regulars.

This is how:

Adultwork Hotlist:

Put a line on your profile that says “Don’t forget to add me to your hotlist”. When you’ve been added to someones hotlist they’ll get a notification when you’re online. So this is a brilliant way to get them to come back to your chat. And Adultwork does all the work for you.

Adultwork Feedback:

You should always wait a few days before leaving your customers feedback. After almost a week that’s when I leave them feedback. And that feedback will say something like “You made me cum so hard, now it’s my turn to let you cum like never before. Message me XXX” Cringy, yes. But it works. They’ll be back.

Adultwork private Messages:

Go through your old messages. Are there messages from guys that have been in your chat? Great! Now send him a dirty but personal message and (most importantly!) ask him when he’ll come and chat with you again.

Here’s what I sent to a random customer:
I was thinking about you when I was trying out my new toy. It won’t feel as good as your cock so I might need to see you playing with it on C2C again soon. When are you available?

Pure filth and cringy yes. But it works. He was back in my chat that same night.

Got messages from guys that never came into your chat?
Just send them a generic message every now and then. Something like…
“I’m trying out my new toy tonight. It’s quite big so let’s see how much I can take. I’ll be online at 21:00, can’t wait to see you.

Doesn’t always work, but it nudging them will definitely turn some guys into customers.

Ask for cam appointments on your profile:

I have a bit in my profile that says “If I’m not online but you still want to see which of my toys makes me cum the hardest send me a message. And we’ll make a cam date.”

When I check my Adultwork messages I often see messages from guys asking when I’m available. So go on, make them feel special with a cam date while you make money on Adultwork.


Don’t underestimate your value:

Please don’t lower your rates thinking it’s going to give you more customers.
You’ll get more freeloaders and rude guys asking for more discounts.

So you’d end up having to work more and harder with less than ideal customers. Instead try the traffic boosters above.

Have you tried the tips and tricks above? Please let me know which one worked best for you.