How to stay anonymous as a cammodel

When you work as a cammodel you don’t want your personal information to be public. Just because we show our privates on the internet doesn’t mean we can´t have a private (online) life. You don’t want to wake up one day to see 200 male friend requests and an equal amount of dick pics on your personal Facebook or Instagram profile. I certainly don’t. So here’s how to stay anonymous as a cammodel.

How to hide your real identity as a cammodel

I’m going to be honest and realistic and tell you now that if you work as a camgirl there is always a chance someone could recognise you. I’ve never been recognised, that I know of. If someone has recognised me he was probably too embarassed to tell me. Let’s not forget that talking about masturbating, porn and paying for porn is quite taboo.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take any unnecessary risks.
These 10 tips will help you to stay anonymous as a cammodel.


10 tips for staying anonymous as a cammodel

1: Pick a fake name and location.

Obvious. I know. But even if your username is BlondeGirl123 pick a fake “real name”. You´ll get plenty of guys asking for it. Pick a city or town that isn’t your own, could even be on the other side of the country. Look up some populair restaurants, populair hotspots and and things to do and no one will doubt you.

2: Keep your personal and work pictures seperate.

If you want to make sure you stay anonymous as a cammodel then keep your personal pictures for personal use only. Do not use them on any webcam or content websites or on your work social media channels. Same for your work pictures, don´t use them on your personal social media. It takes 2 seconds to do an image search on Google to find where else that picture was used leading them directly to your personal accounts or vice versa.

3. Disable all location and geotagging.

Make sure you disable all location and geotagging on your cammodel social media profiles. It’s nobodies business where you’re currently at or where you often are. Especially if you´re trying to hide your real location. So before you create or login to your social media accounts make sure your geotagging is switched off. This is so important if you want to stay anonymous as a camgirl.


4: Block people in your area or country from seeing your profile and shows.

If you don’t want to take the risk of anyone in your area or even country seeing your profile or camshows you can GEO block them. That way your profile and camshows won’t be visible to anyone in that location, even if they specifically search for camgirls in that area.

Most of the big webcam websites will let you GEOblock areas and countries. So if you’re uncomfortable with being visible to your region stick to camsites that offer GEO blocking. It makes it much easier to stay anonymous as a camgirl.

5: Use a seperate work email address and password.

Never use your personal email address for anything work related. You don’t want anyone you know searching for friends/followers by email address and come across your camgirl social media accounts. Create a seperate work email. Never use your personal passwords on your work email, profiles or social media accounts. Keep everything seperate.

6: Use a seperate work phone number.

If you want to stay anonymous as a camgirl you should never use or link your personal phone number to your cammodel profiles or social media accounts. You don’t want anyone seeing your phone number (unless you enjoy waking up to 850 missed calls and creepy voicemails). Or someone looking up new people to follow based on their phone contacts. Instead, get a pay-as-you-go simcard and use that for receiving phone calls or texts through platforms. By switching out simcards (or using a different workphone – everyone has at least 1 old phone laying around) it’s less likely you’ll accidentally answer your phone with your real name (been there, done that). It also avoids having long lists of weird and random numbers in your phone history or getting numbers and contacts mixed up.


7: Be aware of the background on your camfeed, pictures and videos.

Make sure anything personal is out of sight. No family pictures, don’t have your street or garden in the background and don’t take work pictures with local recognisable landmarks.

8: Sharing a computer of laptop as a cammodel?

You can still stay anonymous as a cammodel if you have to share your computer or laptop. Work on camsites that don’t require you to download any software or use the browser version of their software. Only do work related things in the incognito tab so it doesn’t appear in your browser history. Never let any website do an auto-login. Don’t save anything work related to the device. Instead upload new profile pictures or videos through your (work)phone.

Or stick to websites that don’t require using a computer or laptop.
Here are 4 websites to make money on with just your phone.

9: Taking direct payments

I get it. Camsites take a chunk of our earnings. Just don’t get tempted to take PayPal, Venmo, direct bank transfers etc. Because if you do they’ll have your real name and personal details. And once they’ve got that they can find your personal profiles, your home address and anything really. And who says they won’t share that information with everyone else on the internet? So much for staying anonymous as a camgirl. And if you’re extra unlucky PayPal might even freeze your account and earnings as taking adult related payments is against their terms of use. So screw that.

I know cam and content sites take a fee, but for that fee the site takes care of the payment for you and most importantly… makes sure your personal details stay safe.

10: Don’t take online giftcards or wishlist items as payment:

Some cammodels take online gift cards from Amazon and similair websites. It seems safe but there are actually some big safety issues. I had a Giftrocket giftcard bounce back because a dodgy creditcard was used to purchase it so I did a show for free.

If you have items on your Amazon wishlist that aren’t sold by Amazon directly beware! Your customer can contact the third party seller to ask for an update on the delivery or shipping process and third party sellers won’t see any harm in giving them a track and trace code or to “confirm the address details”.

Some persuasive guys might get Amazon themselves to give out your address. If you take gifts I recommend using a PO box or use the tribute function on websites such as Manyvids so you can order it yourself.


Do you have any tips or tricks on how to stay anonymous as a cammodel? Or did you come across some weak spots in services cammodels use? Please share them in the comments below. We all need to stay as safe as possible.

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  1. Emma

    Every camgirl should read this blog before their first day! Camsites tell you how to make more money but won’t tell you how to stay anonymous as a camgirl. This is so important.