Can you make money as a webcam couple?

You can make money doing webcam shows by yourself. But most websites also allow you to make money doing webcam shows as a couple. And it can actually be very lucrative. I’ve done both solo and couple camshows over the last 10 years and here’s what I’ve learned.


Working as a cammodel by yourself VS working as a webcam couple:

If you are a woman (or Shemale / Tgirl) working as a camgirl by yourself will be most profitable. It’s simply the most populair camshow category. Customers happily pay up to interact with a girl or to get the girlfriend experience.

However… doing webcam shows as a couple is still very profitable!

Doing webcam shows as a couple is a job

If you want to start making money on cam with your boyfriend (or husband) you must understand that it’s a job. While technically you’re getting paid to have sex with your partner, there’s a lot more involved.

You’ll need to interact with your audience and you’ll need to think about the right angles. Your customers want to see what’s going on instead of staring at someones back. If you want to make money as a webcam couple you’ll also need to think of a tactic so he will last until you’ve reached your daily income goal.

An other very important and crucial thing is to pick the right website to work on. Most websites will accept couple accounts. But that doesn’t mean couples are populair or even profitable on that website. Check out The 5 best webcam websites for couples for the easiest and most profitable camsites for couples.


The tactic I use to make money on cam as a couple:

When I do camshows with my boyfriend we set an income goal for that night. Then only do forplay and short penetration (depending on the requests we’d get) until we reach at least 70% of that goal. Once we reach that we charge the left over token amount for a cumshow. If we’re working as a webcam couple on a pay-per-minute camsite we only do the cumshow in private chat (taking it really slow) or do it in group show with multiple customers but he’ll constantly ask “what shall I do with her next?” to stall, last longer and to keep everyone in group interested.

Camming as a couple with someone who’s not your partner

A lot of cammodels make money with couple webcamshows by paring up with other camgirls. Girl & Girl webcam couple shows are extremely populair. Tgirl / Shemale with a man or other Tgirl / Shemale is also insanely profitable.

If you pair up with a collegue to make money as a webcam couple just use 2 laptops. So you can each broadcast your show from your own account on 1 website. Never broadcast on the same website as it’s not allowed for 2 models to broadcast the same show. You can of course also splitcam and broadcast your show on multiple websites. If you’re camming as a couple this is the easiest way to split your earnings.

Selling videos as a couple

If you can make money doing camshows as a couple then you can also make money selling videos as a couple. Besides creating special videos to sell you can also record your couple camshows. You can do that with splitcam software. After recording your show just edit the video and sell it on content sales websites.
Check out the “5 Best websites for selling videos” to find content websites that are easiest for making money.

If you’re planning on creating couple content with someone that is not your partner it’s best to discuss beforehand who gets to sell what content.

So can you make money doing camshows as a couple?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a very fun and profitable way to earn money as a webcammodel. If you’re new to camming please read the “Camgirl starterguide” and you’ll learn all the tips and tricks about making money as a cammodel.

Do you offer couple camshows? If so, do you prefer to work alone or with a partner?