How to make money on LoyalFans

So LoyalFans has already won the best emerging company prize at the Bucharrest cam summit. Most likely because it’s got great features (that other adult content sites don’t have) to help you make money. And because they’ve got good traffic coming to their website. If you want to maximise your LoyalFans earnings then scroll down. Because this article is full of tips and tricks on how to make money on LoyalFans.

How to make more money on LoyalFans

You might think that LoyalFans is just an other website for selling videos. That’s where you’re wrong.
LoyalFans has some great features you won’t find on OnlyFans or Fancentro just to name a few other content sites. And it’s these features that makes it easy to make money on LoyalFans and to grow your subscribers.

First of all, join LoyalFans if you don’t have an account yet.


Use the LoyalFans timeline

The LoyalFans timeline is kinda like your Facebook timeline. Customers will see posts from adult content creators. Even if they don’t follow them and aren’t subscribed to them. This is the key to keep your subscribers growing. If you’re active on the timeline you’ll get noticed by new customers everyday and your LoyalFans subscribers will keep going up.

Post something on the timeline that stands out:
-Something that makes them laugh, but is still sexy.
-A very explicit picture or short video teaser and tell them there’s a lot filthier stuff on your profile.
-Write a very detailed first half of a dirty story and ask them to tell you the ending.
-A deal: everyone that subscribes to your LoyalFans today gets X amount discout.
-Announce you’ve uploaded new content to your profile
-Announce you’re going to record new content today. What would they like you to do and wear?

You get the idea.

Upload new LoyalFans content regularly

So you now know how to draw new customers to your profile. But even more important: how do you keep your subscribers?

All you have to do is upload content regularly. Upload a new video or picture set at least once a week.
You can just spend an afternoon creating content and instead of uploading everything in 1 go, you upload something every week.

The more content you’ve got on your profile the more you can ask for your monthly subscription.

Limited Camshow offers

Please don’t underestimate the LoyalFans camshows. You can offer 1 on 1 private camshows with your subscribers. They’re pay per minute camshows, which is brilliant. So how do you make sure you get lots of camshows?

Annouce them on the LoyalFans timeline and start 1 day ahead of time. Tell your subscribers you’ll be camming from x o’clock until x o’clock and you only have room for a limited amount of camshows.

Make them feel like they’re missing out if they don’t have that camshow with you.

Pro tip: LoyalFans gives you the option to record your camshow. Perfect to create teasers for your timeline to draw in new subscribers.


Paid messages on LoyalFans

You can also make money on LoyalFans by sending pay to open messages. The trick is to keep the conversation going. Because the more messages they keep opening the more you get paid.

Here’s what you do. Give them the girlfriend experience. Ask them how their day was and make them feel like they’re your boyfriend or that you’re totally into to them. Constantly flirt and ask a question in every message to make sure they keep replying.

Take a few pictures / picture sets and short videos. Don’t upload them to your profile and exclusively send these in paid messages. This makes the person receiving the messages feel special and sending a picture or video every now and then keeps them interested in opening your paid messages.

Use the LoyalFans videostore for extra sales

You can make money on LoyalFans by selling subscriptions and doing camshows. But they also give you the option to sell videos individually in the LoyalFans videostore. Great for customers who don’t want to commit to a subscription. But offering some videos here you can boost your income with videosales and if they like them they might end up subscribing anyway.

These tips will help to make money on LoyalFans. If you’re looking for more websites like LoyalFans you can find them on in the list with the best websites for selling videos.