Making more money on ManyVids

ManyVids is one of the biggest video sales website out there. It stands out by selling individual videos and picture sets rather than needing a subscription to view content. Do you have a ManyVids account and are you struggling to grow your earnings? Don’t worry. This article will tell you how to make more money on ManyVids. And how to stand out from the crowd.

How do you make more money on ManyVids?

The first step is of course to have a ManyVids creator account.
If you don’t have one yet, join ManyVids first.

Now let’s see how you can make more money on ManyVids.

ManyVids video titles and descriptions

You should think of ManyVids as an adult blockbuster or Netflix. Customers browse the video catalogue and buy whatever video tickles their fancy. So how do you make more money on ManyVids? By making sure the video title gets their attention.

If you would be a horny guy with his trousers around his ankles what would you type in the search bar?
Probably things like pussy, anal, toys, blowjob etc. So please include those things in your title.
Then be as filthy as possible. Instead of making the title “Pink pussy play time” go for “Horny slut playing with wet pink pussy”.

No matter how cringy it sounds, it helps you sell more content. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Now you need to apply the same trick to the video description.
Describe the video as detailed and filthy as you can. And I really mean pure filth.

Use the content tag section:
Look at your video and think about all the things you could tag.
Tag your hair colour, bodytype, toys you use, shaved or not, fetish, location etc.

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Pick the right ManyVids categories

ManyVids let’s you pick 5 categories. So before submitting a new video think about what categories you want to use for your video. If you have 2 videos that are kinda similair (but maybe the location, view or outfit is different) you could pick different categories if both videos suit more than 5 categories. This way you’re spreading your videos amoungst more categories and reach a bigger customer audience. Which will of course help you to make more money on ManyVids.

Get a high ManyVids score

Your ManyVids score is very important. The higher your score, the better your placement on the website. So if you want to make more money on ManyVids pay attention to your ManyVids score.

How to get a higher ManyVids score

25 points:
Offer Custom videos
Offer Phonechat
Offer texting
Offer tributes (fund me)

75 points:
Fill in your profile text (about me)
Upload at least 7 gallery pictures
Upload at least 10 videos
Link your Twitter to your profile

100 points:
Set up the membership option

125 points:
Upload 10 or more store items

Every 6 weeks (45 days) ManyVids recalculates your activity on the site. The more active your are on the following features the higher your MV score will be.

Get as many hearts on your profile as you can
Get (5 star) reviews
Upload store items regularly
Upload pictures and videos regularly
Set up your membership feature
Active time on the site
Sales percentage


ManyVids video pricing

The price of a video will decide whether of not a customer is going to buy your video. If you want to sell a video for $5.00 change the rate to $4.99. It’s the oldest sales trick in the book but it still works. Even on Manyvids.
It also helps your videos to show up in more search results as customers can search for videos with a maximum price.
So if you would have listed your video for $5.00 it wouldn’t have shown up in the search for videos below $5.00.
Simple trick, but it always works.

Fill in all information in the ManyVids model attributes

So many people forget to fill this in or half ass it. If you want to make more money on manyvids you need to make sure customers can find you. By filling in the model attributes it helps your profile and videos to show up when customers search for specific keywords.

ManyVids New Cummer Badge (super important!)

I don’t think people understand the importance of the ManyVids new cummer badge. Imagine you’re a customer on ManyVids and you’re looking for new girls and videos to explore. Where do you go? That’s right to the New Cummer area. You want to be featured here, because this is where you’re going to make your first sales. And where you’re going to get your first regulars.

So how do you get the ManyVids new cummer badge?
All you have to do is upload: a profile picture, at least 5 pictures and at least 3 videos.

Easy peasy. And if you can upload a lot more than that when you get started and while you have the new cummers badge. The more content you already have on your ManyVids profile when you’re getting started the more you’ll sell from the beginning.

Editing Your Own Video Previews

ManyVids comes with a built-in preview generator. It’s suggested that you design your own video previews. The preview builder will only capture one moment, while custom-made previews will give potential customers a better idea of what the entire clip is about. You can also control how long the video preview is (give away more or give away less). You should also be taking screen-caps and uploading your own custom thumbnails. That way it’s a good preview that’s not blurred.

Utilize The Picture Tool

If you use the picture tool, you’re able to tag your photos. This helps ManyVids find photos to use for the MV Blog. The MV Blog gets a lot of traffic, and if you’re featured on one of their blog posts, your profile and content will appear on the sidebar of the site. This is great exposure. They also tag the models in the tweets about the blog posts, gaining social media exposure, as well.

Manyvids freebie Tuesdays

Every tuesday ManyVids will host Freebie Tuesdays.
ManyVids has a feature called freebie Tuesdays. This is where models give away a video for free. Giving away a video for free doesn’t sound like it will help you make more money on ManyVids but it actually does. I will guarantee you that all customers check out the free video section every tuesday. So if you participate in freebie Tuesdays your profile will get so much exposure. Leading to a lot more sales. It’s free advertising, it only costs you a free video.