6 ways to make more money with your videos

Let’s be honest here. We all just want a big pay day at the end of the month. Me too. And selling videos is perfect for that. But what if there are little things you could change to make even more money without working harder? If you follow these 6 tips you’ll definitely see your earnings go up.

#1 Charge higher rates:

This is maybe a little bit of an obvious one. But when was the last time you changed your subscription rates? There are so many girls who start with low (subscription) rates because they don’t have a lot of content yet. But if you just keep uploading content and your “content library” keeps growing you should definitely up your subscription rate. Just imagine if all your subscribers started paying more.

Still not convinced?
NetFlix recently upped their subscription rates. Did you cancel because of the £1 increase? No. And neither will your subscribers.

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#2 Push for custom videos

This is an easy way to increase your earnings. Really push for custom videos. Tell your followers on Twitter. Put it on your profile and anywhere you can let your fans/subscribers/followers know that you’re open for custom video orders.

Why? Because you can charge a much higher per minute fee for a custom video. And does he want something personal like saying his name/username? Make sure to charge extra.

#3 Re-sell custom videos:

Now, this is the best part about customs videos. You’ve already received a much higher per minute fee for this video. But your customer paid for you to create and send this video. He does not own it and does not have exclusive rights over it. So after delivering the custom video to your customer wait maybe a week and then upload it to your profile. If a customer does want exclusive viewing rights over a video make sure to charge him through the roof for it.

#4 Join ALL the high traffic video sales websites:

This is the easiest way to double or tripple your earnings every month! Take a look at the money you’re currently making. Now imagine what would happen if you would start selling your videos on ALL the high traffic video sales websites. Yes, it will take you an afternoon to set up the additional profiles and to upload all the content to these additional websites. But your earnings will at least double.

WebsiteWebsite feeReview
ManyVids10 – 20%ManyVids Review
LoyalFans20% LoyalFans review
Fancentro25%Fancentro review
OnlyFans20%OnlyFans review
AdmireMe20%AdmireMe review
SoSpoilt20%SoSpoilt review

#5 Ask for video requests

Almost every website gives you a way to communicate with your fans/subscribers. And don’t forget to also use your Twitter for this. Just ask them what kind of video you should make next. Use a poll to avoid men sending in specific fantasy scenario’s.

This is free market research. If most of your followers/subscribers voted for let’s say a blowjob video on a toy then you know this video is going to sell well.
It’s also a great sales nudge to update them that the most requested video has been made especially for them and has been uploaded. So everyone go check it out (meaning: go buy it).

#6 Record camshows:

If you’re a camgirl then you have the option to record your camshows. I recommend recording all private / toy shows. Edit and cut the footage so it’s just a clip of full toy action and sell it as a video. This way you’ll just keep making money on that one camshow

What’s your best way to increase your content sales earnings? Please let me know in the comments.