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My experience with ManyVids

Manyvids is one of the biggest content sales websites. That means you can make money on Manyvids by selling your pictures and videos (and they recently added camshows). But what makes Manyvids different from all other video sale websites? In this Manyvids review I’ll tell you about my experience with ManyVids.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working on Manyvids for almost 3.5 years. This is my 100% honest Manyvids review. Based on my personal experience with ManyVids. Your experience with ManyVids might be different.


How to join ManyVids

If you want to start making money on ManyVids all you have to do is fill in the registration form. Verifiy your email address and upload a valid ID.
Manyvids will then approve your profile within 24 hours.

Pro tip: What you want to do is to make sure you already have quite some content to sell before joining ManyVids. Why? Because you want the “newcummer badge“. This just means your profile gets extra promotion for the first 30 days. If you already have multiple pictures and videos on your profile you’ll start making money fast. And those customers will probably come back checking for new content to buy.

And that’s how you make more money and get regulars in your first month on ManyVids.

All you need for a newcummer badge is:
A profile picture
At least 5 pictures
At least 3 videos
Fill in all profile information


How to make money on Manyvids:

When you work on Manyvids you’ve got access to 2.8 million customers. That’s a ridiculous amount of potential sales. And thanks to their big customer base it’s pretty easy to make money on Manyvids.

So here are the different ways you can earn money on Manyvids:

Selling videos on Manyvids:
You can earn money on Manyvids by selling videos. It’s an amateur porn website so nudity does very well. However they also have a non-nude category (called SFW). Have a browse through there and maybe there’s some non nude videos you can make. My non nudes don’t sell as well as my nude videos BUT they seem to bring a lot of new customers to my profile who then buy my nude videos on my Manyvids profile. So even if it doesn’t sell as well, the videos are a great marketing tool.

ManyVids tributes:
When you work on Manyvids you can add a tribute button to your profile. This is basically just a tip feature. Customers can then pick an amount to tribute to you.

Manyvids crush:
This is a subscription club. Customers can buy access to your content with a monthly fee rather than paying per video. So then it basically works like OnlyFans and AdmireMe.VIP. After reading this ManyVids review don’t forget to check out my other content sale site reviews here.

Custom content on ManyVids:
You’ll soon notice that customers will have requests for videos. Charge them a premium fee to create it. Send them the custom video. Then add the video to your store so other customers can also buy it.

Manyids Texting:
You can earn money on Manyvids with sexting. Pretty brilliant feature.

ManyVids Phonesex:
You can also earn money on Manyvids with phone sex.

ManyVids Webcamshows:
This is called MV live. It’s a token based chatroom.
1 token is worth $0.06. You can use the website to record you during your camshows (the video should have a minimum length of 1 minute) and it automatically shows up in your “uploads” page. You can then sell it on your profile.

Get funded on ManyVids:
You can set up a fund. Maybe you want to buy a new camera to shoot new videos? Let your customers fund it through your Manyvids profile. If you promise everyone who contributed a special picture set or video with the new item they’ve funed you’ll reach your goal much faster.

Pay to open messages on ManyVids:
You can send private messages with to Manyvids customers. They don’t pay anything unless they open your message.

Are you new to selling videos?
Follow these steps to make $1000 a month from selling videos.


Manyvids fees:

I think the Manyvids fees are very reasonable. When you’re working on Manyvids you get:

90% Your Manyvids Crush subscriptions the first 12 months (which is an amazing deal).

80% On: All your custom requests, tips, tributes, store items, texts and phone (still really really good)

60% on: Everything else (except MV Live / camshows).

Payment methods on Manyvids:

After earning money on Manyvids there are different payment options you can choose from:

ACH Direct deposit (US only)
Sepa (EU banktransfers)
US check

What I love about working on ManyVids

1) Absolutely amazing traffic:
Manyvids has insane traffic. With 8.2 million customers there is no shortage of people to sell your content to.

2) So many options:
You can sell your videos individually, you can set up the MV crush subscription, you can receive tributes, you can do phonesex and you even earn money on Manyvids with camshows. There is always something that suits you.

3) Passive income:
This is what I love most about working on Manyvids. It’s passive income. I spend 2 days a month creating and editting content. I upload it, tell my Twitter followers I’ve got new content and it sells. Even when I don’t make new content my old content will still sell. And I still earn money on Manyvids without doing anything.

3) Geoblocking:
You can block countries, regions and area’s from seeing your profile and your content.

4) All you need is a smartphone:
It’s a lot easier to upload and edit your Manyvids content with a computer or laptop. But it’s not a big deal if you don’t. You can easily start your profile with recording and uploading on your smartphone and still make good money. You could even start a “fund me” on your ManyVids profile for a laptop and new camera.

What I dislike about working on Manyvids:

1) Competition:
Dislike is a strong word. I don’t dislike anything about Manyvids. But it’s only fair to share all my experiences and thoughts in this ManyVids review. But there is a lot of competition on ManyVids. This is both good and bad. In an ideal world I would have all 2.8 million customers to myself. But since all the other people working on Manyvids also promote their profile and content it also brings new customers to the website. Who will also browse other profiles. I also enjoy browsing for content to think of new ideas for my own videos. It does mean you need to make sure your profile looks good and your videos are good quality.

Would I recommend Manyvids?

Yes, but I think that’s pretty obvious from this ManyVids review. I think it’s an amazing website. There is so much traffic. And it’s a great investment of your time. Once you’ve created a video it can sell over and over again. The more you upload the more you’ll sell. Unlike doing camshows you only have to do the work once to keep earning money on Manyvids. However, I recommend uploading your content to ALL the content websites. By uploading them everywhere you’re making even more money on content you already had sitting on 1 website. You can join Manyvids here. Here is a list of ALL content websites you should upload your videos on.

What’s your ManyVids experience? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Emma

    Good manyvids review! Making money on manyvids is easy but i wish they would promote their camshows more. I love doing camshows on manyvids but most customers only seem interested in buying videos.