My 6 best selling videos

You know that feeling when you’ve uploaded new videos and nobody is buying or viewing them? Or you just don’t know what kind of new videos to make? I’ve listed my 6 best selling videos for you. These are my best selling videos on every site I use. You can make your own or use them for inspiration.

Pro tip: Check your profiles and check which videos have the most purchases and/or views. These are your best selling videos, so re-create more videos like this. From different angles, different outfits, different toys etc

Selling videos is the best way to grow a steady and passive income. Not sure where to get started?
These are the best websites for selling videos.

#1 POV Blowjob video

My absolute best selling video is a POV (point of view) blowjob video. It’s a video of my partner holding the camera so the customer has the same view as my partner. Giving him the idea that it’s happening to him.

Pro tip: Blow job videos always sell really well for me. So the obvious choice for me is to make lots of them. With a partner and with a realistic looking dildo. I’ve got them from all different kind of angles and they all sell.


#2 My first anal experience video

Now, this video is of course not my first experience with anal. But the title and description of a video help sell the fantasy. Which is exactly what our job is, to sell a fantasy. Also, I don’t know what it is but men just love anal.

So me faking that is hurts and then starting to enjoy it more and more, faking a few orgasms it just works. And it’s one of my best sellers.

#3 A panty stuffing video

Before I started camming I had never heard of this. But men seem to be really into it.
This is just a masturbation video with panties on and as it goes on the panties get soaked, taken off and slowly get stuffed into my privates. If you’re looking for a sort of original video that will sell and makes you stand out you might be on to a winner here.

Pro tip: Some sites also allow you to sell panties. Now if you sell the panties used in videos like this you can charge a good amount of money for the custom video + panties.


#4 Foot fetish video

A foot fetish is probably the most common fetish. I’ve got lots of different foot fetish videos from my feet giving my partner a footjob to oiling up my feet, having my feet massaged to sucking my toes. They’re all very populair, help me pay the bills and it’s fast and easy content to make when I’m on my period or just don’t feel like getting naked.

Foot fetish videos are also great for girls who don’t want to show their face.

#5 Couple videos

An other very populair video is my POV couple video. Just like the blowjob video it shows the customer the same angle as your partner would see. I made sure the room was full of lights so the customer can see as many details as possible.

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#6 Close up videos

My customers seem to LOVE close up videos. Close ups in different angles of me with my toys. Or a close up of me and my partner. They just keep selling and you can think of so many varietys here. With panties on, panties off, different toys, different angles etc.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure what kind of videos your followers / subscribers want just start a poll and ask them what your next video should be.
It’s free market research and the option that gets the most votes is going to sell well since that’s what they all want to see from you.

What is your best selling video?