Chaturbate review

My experience with Chaturbate

Chaturbate is probably the most well known token platform as it’s got insane amounts of traffic and customers. Sound great, but being a camgirl on Chaturbate isn’t for everyone. Should you work on Chaturbate? This Chaturbate review tells you everything you need to know.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working as a webcammodel on Chaturbate for 6 years. This is my 100% honest Chaturbate review. Your experience with working on Chaturbate might be different.


How to join Chaturbate

If you want to make money on Chaturbate all you have to do is create an account. Once your profile information is filled in you’ll notice you need to get age verified before you can start broadcasting. You’ll be asked to complete the performer agreement and to upload a valid ID. Chaturbate can be quite strict with their ID pictures/scans. So make sure the picture is clear and the ID is 100% visible.


How to make money on Chaturbate:

When you work on Chaturbate you get paid in tokens. This is the Chaturbate currency. 1 Token is worth $0.05.

You’re doing camshows in a free chat room rather than in a pay-per-minute chat. Instead of paying you a per minute fee customers will pay you upfront in tokens.

Token goal shows:
For example: I’ll do such and such for X amount of tokens. Customers in your chatroom can then all tip together towards your token goal. You can also use interactive sextoys that will be activated when someone tips.
My experience with Chaturbate is that a token goal show is the most common way to earn money.

Tipping games.
A bot will run the game in your chatroom and customers have to tip to play. The app menu will even show you an average expectation of earnings per hour.

Tip menu:
You set a menu and token rates. Customers can then tip you the required amount to see whatever they desire from your tip menu.

Selling pictures and videos.
This is an other way to make money on Chaturbate. You can sell them per video or you can start a fanclub. Customers then have to pay a monthly subscription to get access to your videos.


Chaturbate fees:

There are no additional fees to pay. You receive $0.05 per token.
Being a camgirl on Chaturbate does mean you’ll have to pay fees on third party payment processors.

Check out the “The best payment method for camgirls article to see which one is the cheapest for you.

Payment methods on Chaturbate:

Okay, so you’ve been making money on Chaturbate, now you want to get paid. Chaturbate pays twice a month (on the 22nd and on the 7th of every month). The minimum payout is $50.

You can receive your Chaturbate earnings through:
Check by mail
Wire Transfer
Direct Deposit (US only)

If you’re live in Europe or in the United Kingdom you can also get your Chaturbate earnings paid through ClubDailyPay. The minimum payout is just E15/£15 and payments are made the next day. It’s cheaper than Paxum and wire transfers.

What I love about working on Chaturbate:

1) Tons and tons of traffic:
There is always traffic on Chaturbate. No matter what time or day you log on. In my experience Chaturbate never goes quiet.

2) Tipping is contagious:
If there are lots of people tipping me then others will often join in too. Tipping peer pressure I guess.

3) Different ways to earn money on Chaturbate:
I love that Chaturbate lets you mix things up. I usually start playing some tipping games before doing a token goal show. It’s a great way to get more customers in your room while still making money.


What I dislike about working on Chaturbate

1) Freeloaders:
It’s a massive website. Mainly because all the chatrooms are available to everyone, for free. That means there will always be people watching you without the intention to every spend a single penny on you.

2) Cheapskates:
If you think freeloaders are bad.. cheapskates are just as bad. They’ll haggle you down and try to get a show out of you for next to nothing.

3) Competition:
Again, Chaturbate is huge. That also means there is A LOT of competition. Don’t expect people to throw money at you when you’re working on Chaturbate. It takes some time to build a following and to find the right crowd.

Would I recommend Chaturbate?

Yes. I enjoy making money on Chaturbate. And I honestly think you can still make money on Chaturbate. But you need to find something that makes you stand out. Could be your looks, your toys, the shows you do or maybe the persona you’ve created etc. If you like the idea of token shows but aren’t sure if Chaturbate is for you then I’d recommend StripChat (read my review here) or CamSoda.
Both token websites but easier to make money as a newcomer.

What’s your experience with Chaturbate? Please let me know in the comments.