Islive review

My experience with Islive

Islive is the biggest European webcam website. There’s tons of traffic. But the absolute best thing about Islive is that there is no free chat! Because of that the per minute rates are lower. So is being a camgirl on Islive worth it? This Islive review will tell you everything you need to know.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working on IsLive for 5 years. This in my 100% honest IsLive review. Your experience with IsLive might be different.


How to join IsLive

If you want to start making money as a camgirl on Islive all you have to do is fill in the registration page. You’ll be asked for the necessary details such as your name, username, payment details and a valid ID. Once you’ve completed the registration form your account will be approved within 24 hours. But my experience with Islive is that the support team is really fast and ontop of things.


How to make money on Islive:

When you work as a camgirl on Islive there is no free chat.
You get paid as soon as a customer pops into your chatroom.

Group Chat:
E0,20 per minute – per customer.

VIP chat:
(private 1 on 1 chat) E0,80 per minute.

Phone chat:
Islive Pays you E0,20 per minute for phonesex.

Okay, those are low rates. But bear in mind that this is Europe’s biggest camsite. That means 90% of the time you will have multiple customers in your group chat, so it’s pretty common to earn E1,00 or more a minute.

The secret to making lots of money on free chat only websites is by splitcamming.
You can find my Splitcamming for webcammodels guide here.


What I love about working on Islive:

1) No free chat:
That means no freeloaders. Every second you type or talk you get paid. How can you not love that?

2) Lots of traffic:
Making money on islive is easy because of their size and high volume of traffic. Even at the most quiet times (like 3 am) there’s still decent traffic and more important.. less competition.

3) Perfect for splitcamming:
Being a camgirl on islive means lower per minute rates. The traffic makes up for it, but why stop there? Join 1 or 2 more websites without free chat and start splitcamming. The easiest way to double your income without working more hours.

What I dislike about working on Islive:

1) Low rates:
Webcam websites without free chat usually pay lower fees. I know. As a camgirl on Islive I love the high traffic and the easy to use chatroom. If Islive would pay more it would probably be one of my favourite camsites.

2) Rating system:
There’s very few things I hate about working as a webcam model. But having a rating system is one of them. If someone decides to rate you 3 stars even though you’ve done everything they asked for then your entire rating goes down. If you’re working on Islive it double sucks because the highest rated profiles are on top.

3) Screenshots:
Islive doesn’t use profile pictures. They take screenshots when you’re online and use that instead of a profile picture. Sure, you can replace it by taking new screenshots yourself, but I’d much rather just have a profile picture.


Islive fees:

Customers have many ways of paying for time with their favourite camgirl on Islive.
They can buy credits in advance or pay per minute through their phone. The more credits they buy at once, the cheaper each credit becomes.
Rather than paying you a percentage Islive pays you a set per minute rate.

Islive payment methods:

Getting paid by Islive is easy. Islive payments are sent every first day of the month.

You get paid through Sepa bank transfer.

Do I recommend working on Islive:

Yes. I’ve been working as a webcam model on Islive for over 5 years. It’s never been my main website. But like I said in this Islive review, it’s absolutely worth it if you’re splitcamming with an other camsite.

What’s your experience with IsLive? Please let me know in the comments.