Modelhub review

My experience with Modelhub

Modelhub is a content sales website created by Pornhub. None less than the number 1 porn website. However, pornhub got its popularity because of the free porn you can watch. So are Pornhub visitors willing to pay for videos? This ModelHub review will tell you everything you want to know.

Disclaimer: I’m working on Modelhub for almost a year now. This is my 100% honest Modelhub review. This is my personal experience with Modelhub. Your experience with ModelHub might be different.


How to get started on ModelHub:

Getting started on ModelHub is very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is fill in the registration form. You’ll then need to upload your verification (this is of course only visible to PornHub staff and only used to verify you are 18 years or older). Once that is done all you have to do is fill in your profile information and upload the videos you want to sell. And you’re ready to make money on ModelHub.


How to make money on Modelhub:

This is probably the main reason you’re reading this ModelHub review, you want to know how to earn money. There are direct and indirect ways of making money on Modelhub. The most important thing is to create a ModelHub account and to get it verified. All you have to do is upload the necessary documents and upload at least 2 videos. After that you can make money on PornHub.

1) Make money on PornHub from ads:

You can earn money on Modelhub by uploading your videos. You then get paid from the ads run on your video page. How much you receive depends on the advertiser. Advertisers will pay different rates per promotion or advertising campaign.

Now, here’s how you make more money on ModelHub ads:

Never upload full videos.

Only upload teasers. I never upload anything longer than 2.5 minutes.

Call to action:
End your teaser video with some text saying “watch the full video on “YOUR MODELHUB LINK HERE“. This will lead your viewers to your modelhub store. Which will lead to more sales.

2) Sell full videos on ModelHub:

You can also make money on ModelHub by selling videos. Just like on any other content sale website you upload your content and set your price per video.

3) Receive tips:

An other way to make money on Modelhub is by receiving tips. When you work on ModelHub you keep 80% of your tips which sounds fair to me.

4) ModelHub Subricriptions:

Earn money on ModelHub by having your fans subscribe to your content. You can offer exclusive content or just give them access to all your content.

5) Custom videos:

You can earn money with custom video’s. The great thing about custom videos is that your customer pays for you creating the video. Unless he pays (a lot) extra, he doesn’t have any rights to the video. So give it a week or so and then upload it to your clipstores and you’re making money over and over on this one custom video.


There are also ways to indirectly make money on Modelhub. And by that I mean by using Modelhub to make money elsewhere.

How to make money on ModelHub indirectly

1) Watermark your videos.
By watermarking your videos viewers constantly see your username. They’ll remember it, look you up on twitter or look for you on camsites. This will bring you more and new cam customers and twitter followers.

2) Become a verified model:
When you’re a verified model on Modelhub (and you should be it will make you more money), you get extra features for your ModelHub profile. You’re now allowed to share your Twitter, your website or your clip website on your PornHub profile. So even if someone doesn’t spend money on you on the ModelHub website, it’s still excellent marketing for your other profiles!

Once you’re a verified model on ModelHub your videos also get advertising income through YouPorn. YouPorn is an other massive clip website so that’s an excellent place for more ad income. And you’ll notice your earnings going up.


Modelhub fees:

You keep 80% of all your tips. That’s a really good deal.
You keep 65% of content sales.

Payment methods on Modelhub:

After earning money on Modelhub your earnings are paid out once a month.

You can get paid through:
Direct deposit

What I love about working on ModelHub:

1) Traffic:
You can’t beat PornHub traffic. The amount of traffic is bizar. So if you put work in your profile and upload content frequently you will make money with ad revenue.

2) Support:
The support staff on PornHub and ModelHub is amazing. They reply fast and are always helpful. It’s shocking how some websites just ignore their models or send them copy paste replies that don’t even answer their questions.

3) Amazing for content sellers:
If you already are selling content on other websites (you can see the Ultimate list of Content sites here) then ModelHub is a dream come true.
You just upload all the content you’re already selling somewhere else and you’ll start making more money every month.

4) Making money on teasers:
It took me a night (on the sofa with tea and a bag of Crispy M&M’s) to create lots of teasers for my videos. But by doing that and uploading them for advertising earnings I now also make money on Pornhub with those teasers. I already had those videos, so why not? An other bonus is that it also brings me more customers to buy my videos, it has massively grown my Twitter following and I’ve had quite a lot of guys in my camshows telling me they found me through PornHub.

What I dislike about working on ModelHub:

1) Slow payments:
I would prefer more frequent payments. I’m sure most people are fine with getting paid once a month. But I really prefer weekly payments. Why? Because it’s always my goal to earn more than the last payout.

2) Payment methods:
I really need some more payment options. There’s very slim pickings for UK and EU models. Sepa transfers would be ideal.

Update: Since writing this ModelHub review I’d like to add that UK and EU camgirls can now use SEPA payments.

Would I recommend ModelHub?

YES! But you probably already got that from reading this ModelHub review. I absolutely love making money on ModelHub. It works. I was pretty sceptical at first as I wasn’t sure if the PornHub guys were willing to pay for something. But it works. Making money on PornHub through ads was a smart idea. It doesn’t cost the freeloaders anything but we make money on it. The guys who don’t mind paying for content can be found on ModelHub. So well done PornHub.

The only thing I want to add is that I’ll always recommend uploading your content to as many websites as you can. You’d be crazy not to.


What’s your experience with ModelHub? Please let me know in the comments.