OnlyFans review

My experience with OnlyFans

If you haven´t heard of OnlyFans by now then where have you been the last few years? OnlyFans is the number 1 website to sell pictures and videos. Most people working on OnlyFans are adult content creators. However cooking guru’s and fitness instructors are also making money on Onlyfans. So how do you make money on Onlyfans? This OnlyFans review will tell you everything you need to know.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working on OnlyFans for 2 years. This is my 100% honest OnlyFans review. Your experience with making money on OnlyFans might be different.


How to get started on OnlyFans

Okay, before you can get started on OnlyFans you’ll need a work Twitter account. This is because OnlyFans requires you to register with a twitter account. So if you haven’t made a work twitter account yet, this is the time to do it. Not only does it give you access to OnlyFans it’s also the best way for adult workers to get new customers.

After creating a work Twitter account you can create an OnlyFans account here.
After logging in you’ll be asked to fill in your payment details. After that OnlyFans requires a picture of a valid ID and a picture of you holding the ID.

After submitting the necessary documents it can take up to 72 hours for your account to be verified. You’ll receive an email when your account is ready to make money on OnlyFans.

How to make money on OnlyFans:

Earning money on OnlyFans is pretty simple. But please make sure you’ve created a seperate work Twitter account first.

Rather than selling your pictures and videos individually you sell all your content through a monthly subscription.

Once someone has bought a subscription they can view all your content.
Subscriptions keep rolling on. So if you keep adding more content then your subscribers will stay subscribed month after month. That’s how you keep potential customers and subscribers interested and how you keep making money on OnlyFans.

The minimum you need to charge for a subscription is $4.99. The maximum you can charge is $49.99 per month.

You can also earn money on OnlyFans by receiving tips.

Pay to view messages:
You can send private messages with pictures or videos in them.
Once a customer opens your message they get charged.


OnlyFans fees

When you work on onlyfans you keep 80% of your earnings. Which is a very good deal. Onlyfans is a the number 1 content sales website, it’s got lots of traffic and no freeloaders. You’ll struggle finding other websites the size of OnlyFans that offer a similar rate.

The only exception might be ManyVids. An other website to sell videos (and pictures) with tons of traffic and a good payout percentage.
You can read everything about Manyvids in my Manyvids review.

Payment methods on OnlyFans:

After earning money on OnlyFans you’ll need to request a payment.

You can be paid through the following payment methods:

Direct bank transfer
International bank transfer


What I love about working on OnlyFans:

1) Amazing content sales income:
OnlyFans and Manyvids are my favourite content sale websites. They have tons of traffic and more importantly; the right traffic. OnlyFans visitors don’t mind paying. Thanks to that I make most of my content income on these 2 websites.

2) No freeloaders:
Earning money on OnlyFans is simple because there are no freeloaders. Sure, I’ve got a free sample on my page. But if they want to see anything else they’ll have to subscribe. If someone begs for freebies I send them a pay-to-view message.

3) IP blocking:
You can block specific people from seeing your profile or subscribing to your content. You can actually IP block people on OnlyFans.

3) OnlyFans Twitter:
If you want extra exposure for your OnlyFans account all you have to do is tag them and use #onlyfans. OnlyFans might not retweet you, but there are many OnlyFans fanaccounts that will and lots of potential customers that are browsing the hastag.

What I dislike about working on OnlyFans:

1) Payments can be slow:
When you’re working on Onlyfans you need to request a payment. I often forget that. Even if I don’t then it can still take up to 14 days before the money is in my account. It might not seem like a big deal, but this is an OnlyFans review so I’m also mentioning things that could be improved.

2) OnlyFans has tons of traffic, but doesn’t bring you customers:
If you want to earn money on Onlyfans then you need to bring your own customers. So if you have a big Twitter or Instagram following you should be fine. However… if you’re just starting in this industry and you don’t have that big following yet you can struggle on OnlyFans. In that case you might be better off getting started on websites that bring the customers to you. Like ManyVids, Fancentro or LoyalFans.

Would I recommend OnlyFans?

Yes. If you couldn’t tell from this OnlyFans review, I love working on OnlyFans. It’s a very reliable source of income for me. Be patient, keep creating content and work on getting a Twitter following and you’ll see that your OnlyFans income will grow every month. Even though I love making money on Onlyfans, don’t just stick to 1 website. Upload your content to ALL content sales website so you can sell them from as many sources as possible. Check out out the best websites for selling videos article..

What’s your experience with OnlyFans? Please let me know in the comments.