SkyPrivate review

My SkyPrivate experience

Skyprivate is a website that connects available camgirls with customers looking for an adult Skypeshow. Customers can book a Skype show with you through Skyprivate. That way you don’t have to look for your own Skype customers and don’t have to worry about receiving payments. They even have a way to turn your Skype into a pay per minute chatroom! This Skyprivate review will tell you everything about making money on Skyprivate.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working as a camgirl on Skyprivate for almost 4 years. This is my 100% honest Skyprivate review. Your experience with making money on Skyprivate might be different.

How to get started on SkyPrivate

If you want to make money on Skyprivate all you have to do is fill in the registration form.
You’ll be asked to fill in the necessary information such as your payment details.

SkyPrivate will also ask you for 4 pictures:
Picture of your ID (front)
Picture of your ID (back)
Picture of you holding your ID
Picture of you holding a piece of paper with today’s date
A picture of a utility bill that contains the date, your name and address

Join SkyPrivate here

How to make money on Skyprivate:

Skype camshows:
When you download the SkyPrivate plugin it turns your Skype software into a pay per minute camsite. So when SkyPrivate customers call you on Skype they automatically get billed per minute. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Skype bookings:
You can accept bookings through the Skyprivate website. Customers can book you for a agreed upon time to do a certain show.

Skype phonecalls:
You can use your skype (audio only) for phonesex through Skyprivate.

And the best thing is you can make money on Skyprivate with just your smartphone. So if you want to get started as a camgirl but don’t have the funds for a laptop SkyPrivate might the best place to start. Just download Skype on your phone and you’re ready to go.


Skyprivate fees:

When you start working on Skyprivate you receive 75%. You can increase your payment percentage to 80% by bringing your own customers or fellow camgirls to Skyprivate. For every member you bring your percentage goes up by 0.1%.

Payment methods on Skyprivate:

After earning money on Skyprivate you can request a payment.

Direct deposit (US only): $100 minimum + $5 fee.
SEPA: $100 minimum + any fees your bank might charge
SWIFT: $2,000 minimum + $50 fee
Clubdailypay: £15 / E15 minimum + service fee
Paxum: $40 minimum + paxum fees
ePayments: $40 minimum + ePayments fees

What I love about working on Skyprivate:

1) Good traffic:
Skyprivate might not have the same amount of traffic as a traditional webcam website. But the their traffic is specifically looking for Skype camshows (more of a girlfriend experience I suppose) and seem loyal to the website.

2) No freeloaders:
No freeloaders, that’s the dream. Use the Skyprivate plugin and the freeloaders disappear.

3) Phone sex:
Disable your cam and use Skype and Skyprivate for phonesex.
Perfect for when you’ve got one of those days you don’t want to be on cam and just want to sit on the sofa.

4) Low fees:
When you’re working as a camgirl on Skyprivate you keep at least 75%. I think that’s very good. Especially since they bring the customers to you. If you bring your own your percentage goes up. Brilliant.


What I dislike about working on Skyprivate:

1) Cheeky customers:
There will always be customers that try to convince you to take off-site payments during or after a Skyprivate show. Don’t do it. 25% Extra is not worth giving a stranger your personal details.

2) Could get awkward:
For some reason things can get a little awkward sometimes on Skype. Anyone else get that or is that just me? Is this fair to include in my SkyPrivate review? I don’t know, but I’m going to say it anyway. Instantly seeing a random guy on cam and asking him about his fantasies and discussing his dirtiest secrets just seems more awkward when it’s cam2cam. Where as it feels less awkward to me when a customer just types without a cam.

Would I recommend Skyprivate?

Yes. Absolutely! I love it, as you can tell from my SkyPrivate review. Earning money on Skyprivate is easy. Everyone knows how to use Skype. The payout percentage is generous. And it’s great that you can request when you want your earnings rather than having to wait 1 or 2 weeks.

What is your experience with SkyPrivate? Please let me know in the comments.