Streamate Review

My experience with Streamate

Streamate is one of the biggest webcam sites out there. They have tons and tons of traffic. No matter what time of the day you’re online. But being a camgirl on Streamate also means you have lots of competition. So, how easy is it to make money on Streamate? This Streamate review will tell you.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working on Streamate for almost 10 years. This Streamate review is based on my experience. Your experience might be different.


How to join Streamate

If you want to make money on Streamate all you have to do is fill in the registration form here. Once your account is created you’ll have to confirm your (work!) emailaddress. You can then login and complete your profile. Streamate requires you to sign the performer agreement and website agreement. You must also upload a picture of your ID and a picture of you holding your ID. As Streamate is one of the biggest webcam websites out there it can take a while to get approved. But should take no longer than 48 hours.

Join Streamate here.

How to make money on Streamate:

Streamate is a pay-per-view platform. That means customers can’t see any nudity unless they’re in a pay-per-minute chatroom. As nudity is not allowed in the Streamate free chat.

You can money on Streamate with:

Group shows:
You get paid per minute – per customer. You set your own per minute rate.
The average per minute rate on Streamate is pretty high. Which is one of the reasons I love working on Streamate.

Private shows:
This is a one on one show. You set your own rate.

Block shows:
Rather than paying a per minute your customer books a camshow for set amount of time. If your customer leaves before his time is up you still receive the full amount.

Gold shows:
Streamate Gold show are basically token shows. Except you don’t get paid in tokens you get paid in “Streamate gold”. That means you’ll perform a show once you’ve received X amount of Gold (1 Gold is worth $0,35). Everyone entering your Gold show chatroom can contribute to the goal.
If your goal is not met within the set timeframe all customers will get their Gold refunded. Or you can decide to go ahead with the show for the amount of Gold that you’ve received.
This is not my favourite way of making money on Streamate. But it seems to work really well for others.


Streamate fees:

Streamate takes a 65% fee. Now that might seem like a lot. But here’s why it really doesn’t effect you. When you work as a camgirl on Streamate you’ll see it has tons and tons of traffic. And when I say that I mean they have crazy amounts of customers and visitors. That means the website never goes quiet and there are always men ready to spend their money on you. And the Streamate customers are used to paying high per minute rates.

So when you’re able to charge higher per minute rates you’ll take home the same amount. Even with paying the high Streamate fees.

Streamate payment methods:

Getting paid from streamate can be done through different payment methods:

Instant bank transfer (US only)
Wire transfer
Cosmo Pay
Club Daily Pay

What I love about working on Streamate:

1) Massive amounts of traffic:
There is never a quiet day on Streamate. When you’re a webcam model on Streamate you’ll never have to sit around and wait for long.

2) High rates:
Streamate customers are used to the high per minute rates.

3) Pay-to-view:
Love it. There is no nudity allowed in the free chatroom. This is one of the main reasons I love being a camgirl on Streamate.

4) Geoblocking:
If you want to make money on Streamate but don’t want to risk being recognised you can block your country from being able to see your profile and chat.

What I dislike about working on Streamate:

1) Freeloaders and cheapskates:
Every website has them. You’ll get guys asking to you to twirl around or to show nudity in your free chatroom (which is not allowed) for free or for 1 or 2 Gold. Big fat no from me. Beware of men with a footfetish. Don’t let them get off for free. If they want to see your feet let them tip a decent amount of Gold or let them take you to a paid show.

2) First 30 seconds are free:
So the first 30 seconds in a paid chat are free. When I first started being a cammodel on Streamate I was a little offended by this (still am). If a customer leaves your paid chat within 30 seconds they won’t get charged. If they stay you’ll get the 30 seconds paid out.

3) Rating system:
I hate camsites that put a rating system on your profile. A 5 star rating can help you get more shows. But if your ratings tank because of some dick you’ll notice you’ll get less paid shows. Even more frustrating is doing a show, guy seems perfectly happy and then he leaves you a bad rating. It happens. Or worse.. you politely decline someones request and they’ll give you a 1 star rating. Working on Streamate would be much better if it wouldn’t have a rating system.

4) Getting paid from Streamate can be difficult.
If you’re not in the US or Canada it’s a bit tricky to get paid. Wire transfers are only available to businesses and most of their third party payment providers charge you very high fees. I personally use ClubDailyPay to get paid from Streamate as it’s the cheapest and fastest payment option for me.
However, ClubDailyPay is only available in the UK and western Europe.


Do I recommend working on Streamate:

Yes. There are definitely some things they can and should improve. But despite my dislikes list being longer than my love list in this Streamate review. I enjoy working on Streamate, it’s a good camsite. The traffic is amazing. I love being able to charge high rates and most customers know they’ll have to pay to see what they’re after.

What’s your experience with Streamate? What reviews would you like to see after this Streamate review? Please let me know in the comments.