MyFreeCams review

My experience with MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams, it’s one of the biggest names in the camming industry. Camgirls often think they’ll earn more money by working on the big name camsites. But guess what? I’m not working on MyFreeCams. Here is why making money on MyFreeCams isn’t for everyone. This is my experience with MyFreeCams.

Disclaimer: I”ve worked on MyFreeCams for 4 or 5 months. This is my 100% honest MyFreeCams review. I no longer work on here. This is my personal experience with Myfreecams. Your experience with MyFreeCams might be different.

How to join MyFreeCams

When you want make money on MyFreeCams you’ll need to go through quite a lengthy process.

Step 1: fill in your details here. You’ll be asked for personal information and some pictures of yourself. It can take upto 24 hours to hear if your application was accepted. Mine was accepted the first time. But I’ve also heard stories of camgirls who had to apply multiple times or were never approved.

Step 2: Once approved you’ll need to review the model rules and info and pick a payment method. You must also pick a username.

Step 3: Complete your MyFreeCams profile. Upload all necessary documents (such as your ID), fill in your profile text and upload an Avatar.
You will also be asked to sign the MyFreeCams model contract.
It can take up to 24 hours to approve your documents and profile. My experience with MyFreeCams is that it can sometimes take a little longer.

Once step 3 is approved you can start making money on MyFreecams.


How to make money on MyFreecams:

MyFreeCams is a classic token website. So if you work on MyFreeCams you perform in public chat. Instead of getting paid per minute, you get paid upfront in tokens. 1 Token is worth $0.05.

You could set a token goal. So if we reach X amount of tokens I’ll do such and such. All customers in your chatroom can tip towards the goal together.

You could also play token games. Be creative. Maybe make a sexy wheel of furtune and let your visitors tip tokens to spin the wheel. Or turn a card game into something sexy and let them tip to play.

This is one of my issues with MyFreeCams. There are so many girls working on MyFreeCams. Visitors can pick between so many beautiful girls entertaining them and teasing them with token games and raffles that it gets difficult to do something that can compete with that.

Especially if you’re just getting started working as acamgirl on MyFreeCams. It can be very difficult to get customers to leave the already well established girls to come to your room.

Private chats on MyFreeCams:
You can also earn money on MyFreeCams with private and group chats on MyFreeCams. Customers pay X amount of tokens per minute. Even though the private and group chats are there, they’re not very populair. 99% of your income will be through your free chat on MyFreeCams.

Selling pictures and Videos on MyFreeCams:
You can also sell your pictures and videos through MyFreeCams. It’s a nice bonus. But if you’ve got videos to sell I recommend uploading them to content sales websites. You’ll make a lot more money on them there.
I’ve written a pretty simple guide on how to make $1000 a month by selling videos.


MyFreeCams fees:

You don’t really pay any fees when you’re working as a camgirl on MyFreeCams. You get paid in tokens.

How much a customer pays for his tokens depends on the amount. The more tokens they buy the better the price. MyFreeCams takes between 36 – 50%.

Payment methods on MyFreeCams:

When you work as a cammodel on MyFreeCams you can choose from multiple payment methods. Such as:

Direct Deposit / ACH (USA Only)
Check in mail (US and Canada only)
International wire

What I love about working on MyFreeCams:

1) High Traffic on myfreecams:
The MyFreeCams traffic is amazing. There are always visitors and there are TONS of them.

2) Creative platform:
If you want to earn money on MyFreeCams you can be as creative as you want (as long as you don’t break their rules) to bring in tokens. This can be a lot of fun. If you want you can play an other game or raffle every day so at least you won’t get bored.

3) MyFreeCams Payment methods:
They’ve got decent payment methods. I personally don’t like Cosmopayments or Epayments/Epayservices but I’m impressed with the minimum payouts. Only $10. Can’t complain about that.


What I dislike about working on MyFreeCams:

1) Freeloaders on MyFreeCams:
I mean.. it’s called myFREEcams. There are tons of guys just getting off for free. They’ve never spent a single penny on the site and they’re not planning on doing so. Why would they? The shows are free to watch as long as someone else tips for it.

2) The competition is too much:
This is why I quit MyFreeCams. The kind of girls that seem to do well on MyFreeCams are often young, cheerleader type girls from the US.
As a (back then) mid twenties, British Brunette with an average figure I was not what they were looking for. I just couldn’t compete with the amount of camgirls that already had a large following of paying customers. I felt like I had to organise the most outragous tipping games just to draw guys into my room. It was mentally exhausting to come up with new ideas and hardly make anything. So I quit MyFreeCams.

3) You have to show your face on MyFreeCams:
If you want to become a webcammodel on MyFreeCams you have to show your face. For me this is not really an issue. But I know a lot of camgirls that don’t want to do that.

Would I recommend being a camgirl on MyFreeCams?

No. And I know a lot of people will be shocked by this. It’s a very well established camsite. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. But if you’ve read my Myfreecams review you can see my point and why I’m not recommending it. I know there are girls that make thousands a week by working on MyFreecams. But I wasn’t one of them. I have no trouble making money on camsites. MyFreeCams just seems to do well for a very specific type of girl. And even the girls that are the right type seem to have a hard time to get in due to all the competition.

What’s your experience with MyFreeCams? Please let me know.