Splitcamming guide for camgirls

It’s no secret that working as a camgirl is a very lucrative job. But what if you could work on 2 or more camsites at the same time with just 1 laptop? You’ll instantly grow if not double your earnings. And all you have to do is use a splitcamming program. This article will tell you everything about splitcamming for camgirls.

What is splitcamming?

When you’re Splitcamming you’re copying your webcam footage to multiple webites of your choice. It’s a program that just runs in the background on your laptop or computer. Once it’s installed all you have to do is open it, check if the settings are correct and you’re good to go.

You can now work on multiple camsites at the same time without having to use 2 laptops. If you can live comfortable from camming on 1 website, just think about how much money you’ll make if you work on 2 or 3 websites at the same time. This is why splitcamming is great for camgirls.

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4 Reasons camgirls should do splitcamming:

1: You’ll make more money as a cammodel.
This is obviously the main and most important reason. Even if splitcamming would only make you an extra $50 a day, that’s still a very nice bonus at the end of every month.

2: No more bad days:
You’ll never have to worry about quiet or slow days again. If website 1 is slower than usual then website 2 (or 3 or maybe even 4 if you’re the queen of multitasking) will help you to make your daily income goal. Without having to stay online longer.

3: More days off:
When you use splitcamming software you’ll make more money. So you can either start working fewer days or work the same days and hours and consider the extra income a promotion. A gift from you to you.

4: Record your camshows and sell them:
Almost every splitcamming software has an option to record your camshows. So you can record your private shows and make money by selling them on content sales websites. Or edit them and turn them into little teaser videos and use them to earn money on Fancentro (you can find my Fancentro review here).

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What is the best splitcamming program?

There are multiple good splitcamming programs to choose from. Here’s a few:

This is probably the most used splitcamming software. You can buy Manycam for $27 a year. Which you’ll earn back in your first hour of splitcamming. So not a bad deal. There is also a free version of Manycam.
The free version doesn’t support HD videos and shows a “Manycam” watermark on your feed, which is not ideal. You want your customers to feel like they get the “girlfriend experience” so obvious splitcamming it not ideal.

An other great splitcamming program for camgirls. Splitcam is free but the software contains ads. So that can be pretty annoying when you’re in the middle of show.

WebcamMax is a splitcamming program with tons of extra features such as using a greenscreen, text over video and the ability to record your feed. You can buy it for $24.95. Lifetime access.

What are the best webcam websites for splitcamming?

Splitcamming is a very easy way for camgirls to boost or double their income. But only if you splitcam on the right website combinations. If you splitcam on websites that aren’t compatible with each other or work on camsites with low traffic then you’re missing out on extra earnings.

I’ve listed the Best webcam websites for splitcamming together in this article.

That’s it for the splitcamming for camgirls guide. As you see there are no downsides to splitcamming. You can only gain more income and free time. I’d love to hear what websites you use for splitcamming. Please let me know in the comments.