StripChat review

My experience with StripChat

StripChat is one of the biggest token camsites out there. It’s owned by XHamster and has tons of traffic and customers. You can always make money on Stripchat, no matter what time or day it is. I’ve got nothing but good experience with Stripchat, it’s one of my favourite camsites and here’s why.

Disclaimer: I’ve been working on StripChat for almost 3 years. This is my 100% honest StripChat review based on my personal experience with StripChat. Your experience with StripChat might be different.

How to get started on StripChat

Getting started on StripChat is very straightforward. All you have to do is fill out the registration form and verify your (work) emailaddress. Once you’ve done that you can login to your StripChat profile and upload the necessary information and choose a payment method. It only takes a few minutes.

All there’s left to do is wait for your profile to be approved. Which will be done within 24 hours. But it’s often much faster.


How to make money on StripChat:

When you work on Stripchat customers will pay you in tokens. 1 Token is worth $0.05.

Here’s how you can earn money on Stripchat:

StripChat Token goal shows:
From my experience with Stripchat this is the most populair way to make money. These are public shows. You set a token goal (for example I’ll play with my toys once we reach X amount of tokens). Everyone in your chatroom can then tip towards the goal together.

StripChat Interactive toy shows:
You can buy interactive toys (Lovesense and Ohmibod) that react to tipping sounds. Once a customer has tipped you, the toy will react.

StripChat Private shows:
These are 1 on 1 shows. Private shows on Stripchat are paid per minute. You decide how much you want to charge.

StripChat Spy shows:
During a spy show a customer can spy on your 1 on 1 private show. He can’t chat with you, he can only watch. You can charge up to 12 tokens ($0.60) per minute for a Spy show.

StripChat Cam 2 Cam show:
This is a 1 on 1 show where your customer can also switch his cam on. How much you charge is up to you. Spying is not allowed in this show.

Selling pictures and videos on Stripchat
You can also earn money on Stripchat by selling your pictures and videos. You can upload them to your profile. Customers can then buy access to them when you’re online but also when you’re offline. You set your own token rates for your content.


StripChat fees:

There are no additional fees to pay. You receive $0.05 per token.
Based on the prices of token packages Stripchat charges a 50% fee.

Payment methods on StripChat:

When you’re a camgirl on Stripchat you can pick between a few different payment methods. These are:

Sepa transfer
Direct transfes (US only)
International Wire

Payments are made weekly. Wire payments are made every 14 days. If you use Clubdailypay you get paid the morning after earnings your tokens.


What I love about working on StripChat:

1) Tons and tons of traffic:
Making money on Stripchat is great because there is always traffic. You don’t have to worry about the website having a quiet period. You login and there are customers.

2) Lots of PAYING customers:
I’m not saying there are no freeloaders or cheapskates on StripChat BUT most guys are actually paying customers. They’re happy to pay my rates and there’s hardly any haggling. Stripchat is by far the easiest token website to make money on. This is probably why I’ve got such good experience with StripChat.

3) Geoblocking:
You can block areas from seeing your profile and camshows.
Perfect is you want to stay a bit more anonymous.

4) Anyone can do well:
There are quite a lot of webcam websites out there that only seem to do well for a certain type of cammodel. Since I started working as a webcam model on StripChat I’ve noticed that there’s lots of different type of cammodels that are doing well. From blonde bubbly twenty something girls to BBW’S to MILFS. I suppose it makes sense as they have their Xhamster clip websites with lots of different categories to bring traffic directly to camgirls in that same category.

What I dislike about working on Stripchat:

1) Token website:
Sure, there are private show options. And I do quite a lot of private shows on StripChat. But the most populair feature is the token goal shows. I don’t mind them but I know they’re not everyones cup of tea.

Would I recommend being a camgirl on StripChat?

YES! I’ve got nothing but good experience with StripChat and I love it! Earning money on Stripchat is easy. There is always traffic and they seem to have traffic for basically every type of camgirl.It’s one of my favourite websites to work on and I would recommend everyone to join StripChat.

What’s your experience with StripChat? Please let me know in the comments.