The 5 best websites for selling videos

Earning money by selling videos and pictures is very populair the last few years. And content selling websites are popping up everywhere. But which ones will actually make you money? It can be difficult to decide which ones are worth your time. That’s why I’ve listed the 5 best websites for selling videos.


So what are the best websites for selling videos?

WebsiteWebsite Fee percentageReview
Fancentro25%Fancentro review
Manyvids10 – 20%ManyVids review
OnlyFans20%OnlyFans review
AdmireMe20%AdmireMe review
SoSpoilt20%SoSpoilt review
LoyalFans20%LoyalFans review

Pro tip: Join all the 5 websites above. Upload all your content to all 5 websites. Everytime you make new content upload it to all of them again. Yes, it a few minutes of extra work. But by selling your videos on all of the best websites you’ll see your earnings shooting up.

Why are these such good websites for selling videos?

So what should you look for in a website for selling videos? A good video sales website needs 3 things.

1: Tons of traffic.
And by traffic I mean website visitors. A nice shiny website without any visitors is not going to make you any money. So you want to only join websites for selling videos that have lots of traffic. All year round.

2: Quality traffic.
There are plenty of websites that have crazy amount of traffic. But what if most or almost all of their visitors are just there for the freebies? You want the website to have quality traffic. Meaning; visitors who know they need to pay to see your content.

3: Marketing.
If the website has both of the above then we’re almost there. The best websites for selling videos are on top of their marketing. They make sure they have new customers coming to the site everyday. They make sure they email nudge customers who haven’t spent in a few weeks, email them deals etc.

A combination of these 3 is what you should be looking for. These are the best websites where you’ll see your content selling over and over again.