Token camsites VS pay-per-minute camsites

When you want to make money as a camgirl you’ll find that there are 2 different earning methods in the world of camming. Token camsites and pay-per-minute camsites. What’s the difference? And is one more profitable than the other? Which one should you pick? This blog will help you decide.

How do pay-per-minute webcam websites work?

A pay-per-minute webcam website means customers have to pay a per minute fee in order to see your camshow. When you work as a camgirl on a pay-to-view website it’s upto you how much you charge per minute.

You usually start in a free chatroom. Customers can see you but there’s no nudity allowed. They can have a little chat with you or can ask if you’re willing to do such and such in a paid chat. They should then take you to a paid chat.

Most camsites have a private chat (1 on 1) and a group chat. In a group chat you get paid per minute – per customer. So if for example you charge $3.50 per minute and have 3 customers at once you get $3.50 x 3 customers = $10.50 per minute.


Webcam websites without free chat

These are pay-per-minute websites without free chat. Nobody can see you unless they’re already in your paid chatroom. Sounds great, right?

However, most of these webcam websites without free chat are based in Europe. That means traffic and customers are mostly European and customers are used to paying lower per minute rates. So it might take you longer to earn the same amount of money as you would on a token or traditional pay-to-view platform.

But…you can fix that and increase your earnings by splitcamming on multiple webcam websites without free chat. That allows you to broadcast your camshow on multiple websites at once, giving your earnings a massive boost. If you want to learn how to splitcam please read the Splitcamming for cam models guide.

Don’t want to deal with free chat? These are the best camsites without free chat.

How do token camsites work?

One of the most well known token camsites is Chaturbate. When you work as a cammodel on Chaturbate or any other token camsite you earn “tokens”. Every token website works pretty much the same.

You’re in a free chatroom. Camgirls then charge whatever amount of tokens they want to for example take some clothes off. Or they’ll have a token goal and once that goal is reached the camshow will start. As there are multiple people in your chatroom they can all tip towards a token goal together.

If you don’t want certain countries or areas being able to see your camshow or your profile you can block them from accessing.

1 token is worth $0.05. So if your goal is to make $200 a day you’ll need 4000 tokens. Still confused? You can visit Chaturbate or StripChat to watch camgirls for free to get an idea of how a token website works.


So what’s better token camsites or pay per minute camsites?

There is no right or wrong. And one doesn’t have more earning potential than the other. What matter is which website you pick. There are token websites that are easy to make money on. And there are token websites that are not even worth trying out. Same for pay-per-minute websites.

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