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My experience with Xmodels

Xmodels is a European webcam website You can disable free chat, turning it into a webcam website without free chat. Xmodels has got good traffic, it’s easy to use and perfect if you want to splitcam. In this review you’ll read everything you need to know about working on Xmodels.

Disclaimer: This Xmodels review is based on my own experience. Your experience with Xmodels might be different.


How to join Xmodels:

Joining Xmodels is pretty simple. All you have to is fill in the registration form, upload your ID, profile pictures and a short video holding your ID.

You usually get approved within a day. But I’ve heard other camgirls say it took almost 24 hours to get approved. It might depend on your nationality or the quality of your ID pictures/video.


How to make money on Xmodels:

It’s upto you if you want to start in a free chat room. Customers can spend a maximum of 6 minutes a day in free chat rooms. Once their time is up they’ll get kicked out and are asked to pay.
Chats are pay-to-view. You can do group chats (get paid per minute – per visitor) or you can have a VIP chat (1 on 1 private).

As a camgirl on Xmodels you can disable free chat. You’ll then receive a chat request when someone wants to chat with you. If you disable free chat you’ll receive 5% less.

The secret to making more money on webam websites without free chat (or with very limited free chat in this case) is splitcamming. You can find my Splitcamming for cammodels guide here.


Xmodels fees:

Cammodels on Xmodels get 45% of their earnings. Or 40% if you’ve disabled free chat. If you bring your own customers (use your social media) you’ll get an extra 30% per minute (lifetime). Which is a really good deal. I’ll take 75% any day of the week.

But honestly, I’ve been working on Xmodels for years and most of my customers come from the Xmodels camsites. I do have quite a few customers that I’ve brought to Xmodels through my Twitter. So that’s 75% for me. If I’m not online I’ll still get 10% of everything they spend on the website. Which is a good deal.

Xmodels payment methods

Getting paid by Xmodels is easy and happens automatically. Payments are made every 15 days.

They offer the following payment methods:
EU bank transfer
UK bank transfer

They’re planning on adding more payment methods. Once they’ve been added I’ll add them to this Xmodels review.

What I love about working on Xmodels:

1) Lots of traffic:
There are always customers browsing the website. Is it the middle of the night? No problem there are still lots of customers around to spend their money on you.

2) Being able to switch off free chat:
I love that free chat is optionable. I personally leave it on most of the time as there is only a 6 minute maximum so I don’t feel like it’s worth giving up 5%. But I really appreciate that option is there.

3) Perfect for splitcamming:
Because there is only very limited free chat (or you can disable it completely) Xmodels is perfect for splitcamming. I often work on Xmodels and IsLive at the same time. Both camsites work similair and I almost double my earnings. So why wouldn’t I?


What I dislike about working on Xmodels:

1) Freeloaders:
You can disable free chat so you don’t have to deal with them. But I just want that 5% extra. That does mean that I have to deal with some freeloaders and cheapskates (who on Xmodels are mostly French guys for some reason). Luckily customers only get 6 minutes of free view a day. And sometimes those 6 minutes of free chat actually help me to convince them to pay for a camshow.

2)Profile placement:
If you disable free chat you receive 5% less. Which I could live with. But what bothers me is the effect is has on your profile placement. By switching off free chat your profile goes to the bottom of the page with online camgirls. So tolerating the 6 minute free chat gives you 5% more payout and better profile placement. Which instantly brings you more customers.

Do I recommend working on Xmodels:

Yes. I definitely recommend Xmodels! There’s always plenty of traffic and you can always earn money on Xmodels no matter what time or day it is. And it’s perfect for splitcamming! Sure, there are freeloaders and sometimes annoying customers (mostly French). But name 1 camsite that doesn’t? And if you really don’t want to deal with them just disable free chat and the problem goes away.

That’s it for the Xmodels review. Please share your Xmodels experience below so we can create some resources for fellow camgirls.

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  1. Daisy

    Thanks for your Xmodels review! I’ve been thinking about working on Xmodels but couldn’t find a decent review. Good to see you’ve got a positive experience with Xmodels. I think I might give it a go! Thanks for your it’s very helpful!