Your customers most common fetishes

Don’t you just hate it when someone comes into your private chat and says “I’m into being dominated”?
Or if they want a specific show or video but you’re not sure how to satisfy him?
I’ve listed the most common fetishes that you’ll definitely come across as a camgirl or if you’re offering custom videos. After reading this article you’ll know exactly what to do and how to make money with it.

Warning: this can be pretty detailed sometimes..

SPH or Small Penis Humiliation fetish

This is a weird one. And it took me a while to get used it to. Customers who’ve got a SPH or small penis humiliation fetish want you to laught at their penis. They want you to tell them it’s tiny (even if it isn’t!) and they want you to laugh at them.

Make them measure it and laugh at the outcome. Tell them it’s so small they can never have sex with it. Or tell them they’re not even a real man.

I get it, this feels weird and cruel at first. But this is what turns them on. It’s just a show, a fantasy.


Foot fetish

I bet you’ve already came across this one. Maybe even without realising it. Men who’ve got a foot fetish will want to see your feet. This is what gets them off and for this reason you should never show your feet for free.

Customers with a foot fetish might want to see you giving your partner or your toy a footjob. That’s right, a handjob but using your feet. Lots of them love seeing you running your fingers inbetween your toes or licking and sucking your toes. Oiling your feet is a very populair or just seductively massaging your feet.

Other foot lovers might just be into vanilla shows / videos but want to see your feet at all times during the act.

You can use any of these things in a camshow or create foot fetish videos.


Findom or Financial Domination fetish

This is a very trick one. Findom or Financial domination means a customer or “slave” wants you to take control of their financial life. Sometimes these customers refer to themselves as paypigs or cashpigs. This means buying presents for you and leaving the slave with hardly anything. They like to fantasise about things like having to get a second job to please you with all the presents and money you demand.

But beware: If you come across a findom slave it might feel like you hit the jackpot. But there are many fakers out there. Because they know they’re very much wanted. That will try to just get your attention for free and giving you excuses like “I need to be seduced or emotionally attached before spending money on you”. Nonsense. If you want to play, you need to pay. You wouldn’t accept these excuses from regular customers and you shouldn’t from findom customers.

Jerk off instruction JOI fetish

This is quite a fun one and you could also apply this to regular vanilla customers. JOI fetish or Jack off instruction means, well they want you to tell them exactly how to touch themselves.
And of course… you’re going to tease the fuck out of him. Make him go really fast, really slow make him stop etc. Great way to make a private chat last long or to make a long JOI video to sell.


CBT or Cock and Balls torture fetish

Okay… now this one kinda freaks me out sometimes. CBT or Cock and balls torture is exactly what it says. They want you to tell them how to hurt themselves. If I get a customer like this I always ask them about their experience with this. And they’ll often tell you what they’ve previously done. And I often go with that. Because you don’t want to seriously harm your customer.

From my experience they often like stroking themselves and when it starts feeling a little bit too good they want you to tell them to slap it etc

Sissificiation fetish or Sissy boys

Sissies are customers who want to serve you by dressing up like a slut. They fantasize about being “whored out”. During my chats I often let them dress up, tell them to do their make up or teach them how to hide their penis etc. I then ask them to show me how a good slut would take it.